Original art by Kathy Clemente

Rats in Hats Eating Lunch Postcard
Rat under Mushroom Postcard
Subway Rats Postcard
White Rat on Gray Tie
Rats Rattie Reunion 2 Postcard
Rat with Leaf Fall Postcard
Rat card cigar booze drink
Rat in Cupcake Hat Postcard
Rat feeding raven egg postcard
Rat Rose Skull Postcard drawing
Rats Easter Baskets Postcard
Rat under Mushroom in Rain Postcard
Rat putting bell on cat greeting card
Rat in Silly Tulip Hat Postcard
Rat in St Basil's onion dome hats t-shirt
Rat in Daisy Hat and Lace Gloves Postcard
Rat Lover Stationary Stationery
Rat in rain under mushroom Notebook
Tabby cat sleeping tiny mouse Poster
Red Shawl Rat in Snow Postage