Original art by Kathy Clemente

Rat Snowman in scarf Postcard
Subway Rats Postcard
I Love Rats Bumper Sticker
I Love Rats Keychain
Bunch of Rats at Rattie Reunion Notecard
Rat relaxing on Beach Postcard
Rat and Pigeon Postcard
Rat in Race Car Postcard
White Rat on Gray Tie
Rat White Raven Postcard
Rat with red bell postcard Christmas
I Love Rats Necklace
Rat in Cupcake Hat Postcard
Gang Bunch of Rats tank top
Rat in Raven Hat Postcard
Rat with Leaf Fall Postcard
Christmas Rat holiday card
Rat in Silly Tulip Hat Postcard
Rats and Pigeons Postcard
Rat in Daisy Hat and Lace Gloves Postcard