An excited lemming heads toward the brink of disaster in his Batman costume (and with flowers) to make an impression at the Leaping Lemming event.

Leaping Lemming Batman!

A few years ago, I drew the Tenth Day of Christmas cartoon (AKA Ten Lords a Leaping). I recently thought once more about lemmings and their magnificent cliff diving exploits. I wondered what might give their jump more meaning. If they’re going to crescendo like that, they might as well make a statement in the process.Tenth Day of Christmas
I decided that cosplay might be the go. Each lemming could don his / her favourite superhero costume and jump for life in a frenzy of fantasy.

As an example of this, I give you lemming Batman. This is one on his way to the big jump, done up as the Caped Crusader, complete with some pretty flowers and a delusional attitude, which I think is important to have when jumping from perilous heights in to unknown depths of water below.

If I were a lemming and was destined to jump off a cliff, I’d want to wear an outfit that gave at least some chance of flight. Perhaps a wingsuit would be a good idea or maybe an accessory like a little hang glider. Then a more gentle and acute angle could be made with the water upon landing, increasing the probability of survival (until the sharks discover the sudden influx of air-delivered food).

Every year Melbourne has the Birdman Rally on the Yarra River as a part of the Moomba long weekend. It’s a competition where people create outfits and (non-)aerodynamic accessories and compete to see how far they can travel through the air along the river. I don’t recall ever seeing anyone dressed as a lemming.