Not long ago, in a galaxy not far away, a friend said he had an idea for a cartoon that he would like me to draw. When he described it, I knew I definitely had to have a go at drawing it. I guess in it’s essence, it’s having a go at George Lucas for the latter three (yet first three) movies in the Star Wars series.

I enjoyed drawing the characters and I’m not sure why Darth Vader is wearing purple tights, purple gloves and yellow high-heel shoes. That wasn’t a part of the description; merely artistic interpretation. I just came up with some outfits that I imagined some geek-types might wear. I’m convinced that the Stormtrooper helmet featured in this cartoon is a home-made job, possibly papier-mâché.

The sound a Wookie makes was not easy to capture in text version. Googling this found some amusing attempts as to how the sound might be spelled, though none seemed really authoritative. I thought the sound had a somewhat gargling quality to it, so I just went with writing the word ‘gargle’.

This cartoon is not available for purchase as per the other items. I don’t think it would be accepted due to character copyright restrictions. I’m open to the possibility of selling it via other means, such as digital download for printing.

I have now changed the wall poster title to Star Warts, and added Not the Movies to Redbubble. Should there be any problems, I may need to remove it.