chookyDean grew up in country Victoria (Australia) with banana passionfruit draped abundantly over the farm tank stand and two older sisters riding wildly around the landscape on their stallions… But for Dean, apart from the occasional spin on his motorbike to round up the cows and flatten evil field mushrooms, the action was very much on the inside for him. He’d spend hours drawing his favourite cartoon characters or dreamily sketching a menagerie of animals in the margins of his school books. And in some of his more boring school lessons he even created short animated movies with stick figure drawings on the edges of the pages.

In his late teens Dean received a big confidence boost when he dazzled the judges of Australian MAD Magazine’s “Design a New Australian flag” competition. His entry scored him second prize and he was delighted to have his board game and badge taking pride of place in the family trophy cabinet!

Recently Dean has been working doing website / database development & maintenance, which has paid the bills but his restlessness has been increasing as well as his doodling (including on paper tablecloths at social functions!). And so his desire to see his creations in print has led to “Thingseque” being born. Dean dreams in colour and line and ultimately wants his quirky creations to give a chuckle to many throughout this world as they take on 2D and 3D form on our bodies, heads, in cards to friends and so on, eventuating in world domination.
Dean has a compassionate heart and also plans to give some of his proceeds to friends who are humanitarian aid workers.