Golfers have a difficult time hitting golf balls to the ever-moving flags located in the pouches of roaming kangaroos. Welcome to Advanced Golf at the Anglesea golf course in Victoria Australia.

It’s usually birds that are injured or killed from stray balls in cricket and less frequently in tennis, but here I imagine the occasional kangaroo would receive a golf ball to the head or body. Being a lot larger than birds, they would be more easily hit (accidentally of course).

I’ve never played golf here, but the many kangaroos that can be found there are an amazing sight. For those wanting to see some photos, just type “Anglesea golf club Australia” (without quotes) into Google search and click the images option.

It’s likely the kangaroos would get in the way of golfers trying to play through, so why not change the game a little by incorporating the kangaroos into the aim of the game? Advanced golf would see flag poles (flag-sticks or pins) removed from their existing holes and relocated to the pouches of eighteen random kangaroos around the course. This way each hole would have a varying (and usually indeterminate) par. Not only would getting a hole in one be near impossible, but the length of the playing time would be increased significantly, giving all players far greater exercise than they would normally have playing a round.

Kangaroos may not like this revised advanced golf version. Going from being seldom and accidentally hit to becoming the target of multiple incoming golf balls would be cause for them to panic, thus increasing the difficulty level even more as they jump and dart about to avoid the small dimpled missiles.

The above is my impression of what this game might look like, though I haven’t included the many disgruntled golfers with excessively high scores, blistered fingers and aching feet.