A flying saucer flies over the Australian outback collecting various creatures for observation and experimentation. An alien abduction trauma ensues when a crocodile is inadvertently uploaded to the space craft.

Recently a friend sent me an email with a link to photos of Australia’s most deadly inhabitants. After viewing the photos and being suitably grossed out at the sight of the food chain feeding frenzy, not to mention the far too many snakes and spiders, I found it amazing that we’ve managed to survive here at all.

I was thinking about these photos when trying to decide what to draw this week. I wondered how newcomers not familiar with Australia’s deadly beings might cope with an encounter. I’m not sure when or how the alien (abduction) tangent happened, but extraterrestrials ended up being the potential fodder. No doubt Martians or their counterparts would travel the country collecting our cutest and cuddliest animals for analysis, uploading them one by one.

How long would it be before an Australian alien abduction attempt resulted in carnage because a not so happy and overly hungry creature was elevated via the tractor beam by mistake? Maybe this is the reason not many UFOs are seen around this part of the world (that I’ve seen).

I’ve run short of time the last few days and as a result, today’s offering is incomplete and only black and white. I will replace it with a coloured version as soon as possible. If it’s coloured already then I’ve already travelled back through time and done that.

I should clarify that I’m not commenting on the existence of aliens here. This drawing and associated musings above are done in jest and should be classed as science fiction.

Live long and prosper.