Unbeknownst to NASA, a thrill-seeking Martian surfs along over the Mars terrain onboard Curiosity, NASA’s car-sized rover. Such is recreational alien life on Mars.

If little green men existed on Mars, they are bound to be enjoying the exploratory vehicles NASA keeps sending them. I imagine they would be commandeering the machines and hooning around over jumps and craters, taking care to avoid making any inadvertent screen debut on NASA monitors.

Eventually NASA may need to send up a police vehicle to monitor speeds and intercept any rovers exceeding the Martian speed limit which most likely hasn’t been defined yet.

I drew this one by looking at an online model of Curiosity. It was rather plain and looked more like a Lego version than the actual thing. Still, it helped to simplify it for drawing as it had the basic components. Needless to say there was no alien life associated with it. This was my addition.
The model I drew from was on a totally different angle, so I had to do some spatial rotations to produce it from the viewpoint shown.

Initially I was going to draw a couple of guys at NASA with a joystick viewing a monitor and having fun taking Curiosity over jumps. That would have worked OK, but I thought it would be more interesting to have some alien life form taking it for a joyride.

It looked a bit static, just sitting there in mid air, even with some motion lines behind it. I added a visual ‘echo’ to see if that would help. There seemed to be more movement implied but, even though it was semi-transparent, it was too busy. There were visible trails from the front of the vehicle to the back and it more or less turned it into an 18 wheeler. Dialling it back to just a subtle, increasingly transparent trail from the back only was a vast improvement.

It was suggested that I add some alien life appropriate graffiti or other gnarly imagery to the underside of the rover vehicle as per a skateboard. Oh, so tempting.