Have you seen the All-seeing Eye Dog? He’s seen you. He also sees a fire hydrant in the future of a woman having her fortune read by him (according to his blind and psychic owner).

I recently wondered if blind mediums would use Seeing Eye dogs to assist them with their alleged visions and revelations about other people’s lives. This cartoon was the result. The old woman doesn’t see much in her crystal ball, but her dog does.

Note their matching wizard-type hats. These would no doubt help the fortune teller and visionary quadruped to synchronise thoughts and transfer information across the table, suitably amazing their impressionable customers.

I wanted to have the old woman looking nowhere in particular. If she was looking at the younger woman or the dog, it could get a bit ambiguous as to who is referring to whom. To make it clearer, I also opted to use a male Seeing Eye dog, rather than female. For example, if the caption read “She sees a fire hydrant in your future”, it would almost look like the elderly woman was looking at and saying this to the dog, as if this was something the younger woman sees.

I like the look on the dog. He’s just happy to have the company of someone else in the room for a change. His happiness is further expressed with the accumulated pool of drool on the table top.

If a dog really could tell fortunes, wouldn’t it just see things that it likes or things that it thinks a person might like? Hence the fire hydrant. It’s a touch cliché, I know, but I wanted to have something closely associated with things dogs like.

Recently someone read the caption and added “and some treats”. Treats hadn’t occurred to me and, had they have, I would have used them instead of the fire hydrant because treats are things that dogs and people alike enjoy, granted different types of treats.

Treats are also generic and vague enough to represent something positive that a psychic might say to someone, along the lines of “something pleasant is going to happen to you”.

Below is an excerpt from Lawrence Leung’s ‘Unbelievable’ series that I thought was appropriate: