A lonely, sunburnt penguin wanders through the desert as part of the animal foreign exchange program which later proved to be unsuccessful.

The drawing I had planned for this week is still under construction due to the number of characters (and hence detail) involved in the production. I was also slowed down by intermittent pain which made focussing rather difficult. Then there was the tech support provided to a friend (you know who you are) but now I’m just making excuses…

Almost abandoning doing a drawing this week altogether, I opted to draw something straightforward with minimal background (and pain killers). This may also be known as laziness, but at least there is something drawn.

Looking through my old drawings once again, I found a split panel cartoon which showed a contrast between two scenes. I decided to redo this as two panels (or parts), thus halving the drawing required and giving me something to continue with at a later time.

Also, because this is rather a simple drawing, I thought I would turn it into a simple animation. The result is an intermittently sunburnt penguin; either that or a penguin repeatedly embarrassed to be found in such an inhospitable penguin location.

I thought about doing a ‘what is black and white and red all over’ joke here, but restrained myself.

This sad little penguin reminds me of a short cartoon series that used to be on tv many years ago. It was called Calimero and he was a small, black, forlorn chicken who wore half an egg shell as a hat. Nothing but bad things happened to Calimero and his catch cry was ‘It’s an injustice, it is’. But I digress…

The background for this one is similar to the Camelflage drawing, though I changed the colour to indicate a different location and time of day. The character is also casting a shadow in this drawing. I don’t often do this but I think it better helps to convey the searing heat and intensity of the sun.