A lonely, frozen camel wanders through the ice landscape as part of the animal foreign exchange program which later proved to be unsuccessful.

This is part 2 of the Animal Foreign Exchange Program. As previously mentioned, this was part of a dual panel drawing that was split into two separate cartoons.

The first part was a forlorn penguin in a desert setting, so by contrast, this one is a forlorn camel in a frozen landscape (possibly Antarctica). Initially the camel was drawn with a blue doona (duvet) but when I realised the temperature would be turning him blue, I opted for a colour change. There was too much blue.

While I was describing this drawing to a friend and mentioned that the camel would be wearing a doona and beanie, they suggested the possibility of a scarf as additional attire for warmth. Happily, the camel now has a scarf to match the beanie.

Someone also suggested that there could be a photo of the aforementioned penguin on the ground that would no doubt be making the camel all the more homesick. Suggestion approved, photo added.

The snow on the camel’s hump was a last minute addition. I thought it would be a good indication of the kind of weather encountered so far (as if the beanie, scarf and doona weren’t indicative enough).

I had planned to make a simple animation out of this one, but time got away from me. If I get a chance at a later stage, I will revisit it and do so.

I must point out that I don’t have anything against camels or penguins to be placing them in such contrasting and harsh conditions. It was merely a ‘what if’ thought from long ago that ended up being illustrated.