A fish is strapped to a helium-filled balloon with duct tape. Several other fish gather around to watch while a blowfish readies itself to shoot down the balloon with a dart through a straw before it drifts away. These are the aquatic thrill seekers.

Have you ever wondered what fish do when there is nobody around to see? My guess is they eat and swim, but I would like to think they take time out from their busy schedules for some leisure and recreation. This would no doubt consist of ballroom dancing, karaoke, charades, (water) aerobics, (water) skiing and chess. For the more adventurous, there may be activities as depicted in today’s drawing.

My only concern with this pursuit is that if the blowfish is a bad aim, the result could be a school of uncontrolled balloon-bound fish making their way toward space. This wouldn’t be much fun for fish for a couple of reasons. Firstly, the fish wouldn’t be able to breathe above water level. This is why it would be imperative for the blowfish to pop all balloons before they escape*. Secondly, the weight of the fish would cause the balloon to flip upside-down. While this would make the voyage perhaps more similar to a roller-coaster ride, travelling upside-down and not being able to breathe would be fairly scary. Beyond this, there is the inevitable freezing of the fish at high altitudes, the expanding of the balloon in the upper atmosphere until it eventually bursts and frozen fish falling from the sky. It’s all a bit morbid, really.

Because of the obvious perils involved, all fish would need to sign a disclaimer before boarding a balloon. It would also be wise to only allow certified Houdini-type escape artists to participate. One strip of duct tape can be fairly secure.

I think my favourite character in this drawing is the shark. The rock was a close contender.

* It’s possible I may have played Pooyan one too many times.