A rough, almost circular shaped rock leans against a boulder. At its base, a worn-out, industrious caveman sits asleep at the wheel (very nearly), no doubt dreaming of better methods of transportation than walking.

This one is a little rough, which is OK because both the caveman and his sculpture are meant to appear a little dishevelled and crude.

With the phrase ‘asleep at the wheel’ in mind, I thought about some of the more obscure drawing possibilities for the theme. I didn’t search online for the line so I’m not sure what is already out there. I did have look for wheels in general. This search mainly returned exciting car tyres and rims.

One idea that occurred to me was having a guy asleep on a unicycle. While I didn’t dislike the idea, I kept looking for other wheel related scenarios. Another thought was to have a Ferris wheel operator fall asleep at the wheel while people were riding on it. This is a very vertical wheel, but I wanted to go in a more lateral direction.

Eventually I thought that rather having someone asleep at the wheel in some form or another, I could have someone asleep at an ‘almost wheel’, therefore by extension (or some strange logic) being almost asleep at a wheel. Depicting a caveman on the brink of the discovery of the wheel seemed like an idea that might work. I’ve given him a rough octagon as a pre-wheel shape to work with. For every corner that is removed / smoothed, the closer it becomes to being a circle.

The caveman I’ve drawn has some kind of tough sharp rock in his hand for the purpose of chiselling or chipping bits off the octagon for wheel formation. I would have liked to help him out with a jackhammer, but powering it in a prehistoric age may have proved difficult.