Two demolition workers arrive at the apartment of a shocked and possibly deceased elderly lady to retrieve their wayward wrecking ball (and chain).

This one may be a little on the dark side, with the outcome of the incident, but I was going more for the absurdity of two grown men on a quest to collect their recalcitrant ball and their nonchalant reaction to the situation.

This is yet another drawing from some time ago (yes, I know, I really ought to draw more new things, but I’m still in holiday mode) and although old, hopefully someone will find it amusing. A friend pointed out that it’s probably not the type of thing that would go well on a greeting card and I tend to agree, so it won’t be made available in card form, unless there is a sudden recurring occasion that warrants such a card. In lieu of this, I’ve made it also available as a hard plastic coaster with cork back.

I’ve tried to make the characters as stereotypical as possible. The workers have their khaki overalls, yellow hard hats and noticeable stubble, while the elderly lady is (or was) doing some knitting. She was probably watching tv at the time and it would now be underneath the wrecking ball as an imploded contributor to the existing rubble. In retrospect, I think it would have been a nice touch to have drawn a trail of wool leading from her chair to an unravelling yarn along the floor. Alas, it’s done now.

When my friend rendered this in flat colour for me, he separated the pointing index finger and thumb of the guy on the left with a different colour to the rest of his hand. I didn’t know why and thought he was suggesting I shade it a certain way. Today as I was working on it, he told me he thought the guy was holding a hot-dog with a bite out of it. It took me a bit of staring to see what he was seeing (a bit like one of those ambiguous optical illusions), but now I see it all the time. I think this speaks volumes about my drawing skills. So for those playing at home… spot the hot-dog!