Hungry balloon cats take off in hot pursuit of balloon birds. A cheetah, lion and several domestic cats float as fast as they can, anticipating an encounter with the bird combo box value meal.

The cats keep on coming…

This week features several balloon cats, chasing the previously posted balloon birds from a few weeks ago. This was an idea I had shortly after drawing the original. I hadn’t thought much more about it until I became fixated on this cat theme.

It had occurred to me that this drawing would be fairly quick and easy to create since around 75% of the drawing is reconstituted. With this in mind I began work and it wasn’t before long before I realised it was still going to take a reasonable amount of time. It was essentially a new smaller cartoon embedded in a previous one. There were colours and tones to be matched with the original one and bluish overlays to make the balloon cats appear more distant.

Some larger cats were added to give the emu something to worry about. There is a grumpy and determined looking cheetah and a less cranky looking lion on board.

Given there are now ten characters sailing within the hot air balloons, I thought it fitting that at least one of them should be suffering from motion sickness, so there is a partially green-looking grey cat hanging over the edge of the basket.

Oddly enough, all the birds still occupy the same positions with the same expressions as last time. This was laziness on my part, but I’m sure if they were aware of the imminent danger, there would be general hysteria and feathers flying as a result.

It was pointed out to me that the cats would have been better off had they been armed with arrows or pallet guns. I’d not considered this but at least without such weapons the birds have a sporting chance.