As a bear returns from a small outhouse near the edge of the woods, his partner expresses her concern that he is damaging the reputation of all bears in the woods.

As I was drawing this, I had an idea of the caption in mind, but around the time I was ready to add it in, I had a change of mind and came up with a few alternatives. I consulted a friend and got a few suggestions from him, but ended up going with the above.

Initially I was looking at common expressions while thinking of ideas. One I was considering, was “Don’t Go There.”. The bears in the woods above (well, almost in the woods), was what I thought of when I read this phrase. After drawing it though, it seemed a bit obscure and perhaps ambiguous. I then decided to focus more on the cliché question about bears going in the woods.

Both the original idea and the current caption revolve around bears ‘going’ where bears wouldn’t (or shouldn’t) naturally go, so the transition from one to the other was fairly seamless.

As I too frequently do, I drew too much scenery for the focus of this picture. There was a nice selection of trees, pretty much framing the subject. Sadly, I chopped down (or cropped out) many of the trees by zooming in on the bear in the woods and outhouse. Thankfully I had drawn no protesters or people otherwise chained to or hugging the trees that were removed.