Hiding in the eerie fog,
Passers-by beware,
There lurks a dog with ill intent,
And thermal eyes to stare.

Some dogs have a bad reputation, often perpetuated by the “Beware of the Dog” sign on the gate or fence. The one illustrated here is dissatisfied with the bad rap and decides to shift the alleged danger to an alternative source. This tech-savvy dog modifies the warning sign to “Beware of the Fog” and employs the use of a smoke machine to create a dense cloud of fog and shroud his potential naughtiness. He circumvents the resultant low visibility by wearing night vision goggles.

Prior to drawing this, I had a few ideas about the type of dog of which the then “Beware of the Dog” sign should be warning. By types, I don’t mean bread, but behaviour or (human) stereotypes that could be considered annoying or dangerous. Initially I considered a dog playing a piano accordion and then moved on to a Marcel Marceau street mime type. I then progressed to a ninja dog hiding behind a tree and finally arrived at the covert technologically minded version pictured here.

I really liked creating this, though had a few delays with erroneous layer merging and backup loss. The fog was made with a translucent white layer and a similar technique was used for the silhouetted objects within the fog (but with black of course). I then highlighted some of the helmet and goggle features with a white outline and also did this for the parts of the dog protruding from the tree. The paint brush was a final highlight because it just wasn’t noticeable enough without it.

Once again, I had too much unnecessary background scenery that was cropped out for the final image. There was a nice tree full of branches with leaves and the picket fence extended further down the footpath to the right.

I had drawn a cat walking down the path, but removed it to allow some speculation as to what or who the dog might be preparing to attack. Perhaps another dog or the postman?