As a sheriff moseys along, a stealthy black ninja, on a quest to find stars for ninja purposes, creeps up behind him and steals his badge and spurs.

Where do ninja stars come from? Ninjas seem to have an endless supply of them, whipping them seemingly out of thin air to throw at their foes. Truth be (fabricated and) told, ninjas are perpetually stealing stars from anywhere they can find them. Any star shaped objects or indeed creatures such as starfish are prone to fall victim to dark shadowy figures, tippy-toeing about with all too willing and eager thumbs and forefingers.

Usually, being ninjas, this process goes undetected because the stealthiness is so stealthy that they appear invisible. The illustration above is an artist’s impression of what a ninja star pincher crime in progress might look like if it were detectable by the human eye. Of course this appears to be a cartoon impression and shouldn’t be indicative of ninjas only existing in cartoon form.

I tend to like large areas of black with white outlines for some reason, perhaps because it’s contrary to the normal white space with black lines. “Soup of the Night” was a recent drawing that used similar effects. Apparently I also like to draw the ‘pinkie finger posed outwardly in a dainty fashion’ effect as if a cup of tea should be involved somewhere. Well, there is a cup of tomato soup in one which will have to suffice.

Does the specification of a black ninja imply that they come in an array of colours?