Far away, on an uninhabited island, a shipwrecked man sends for a ship via a message in a bottle. His request is fulfilled with a ship in a bottle.

Messages in bottles tend to be a favoured method of communication among castaways on deserted islands. I dare say messenger pigeons are too few and far between and couldn’t travel the great distances that bottles can with ease. Mobile phones and internet would be out of the question because there would be no service available in such remote locations.

People sometimes ask of others what they would like to take with them should they be stranded on an island. The answer is usually a book or a favourite person but I’ve never heard anyone say they would like to take a bottle and some stationery for dispensing SOS messages around the ocean.

The internet is brimming with cartoons of people stranded on islands enduring all kinds of hardship. I’m not really easing the load by drawing this and sending it out into the ether to join them.

I had fun with this, converting the palm tree to a rocking chair and shaving weight of the poor stranded soul, full of bottled anger, while not allowing his hair to be shaved at all over a span of weeks.

I’m really not a sadist and sincerely hope that this guy makes it home in one piece. Time will tell.