A male satin bowerbird wearing a blue top hat and tie goes all out to attract and impress a potential mate with a variety of blue items including straws, toadstools, pool balls, pegs, bottle tops, cards, poker chips, blue cheese, balloons, a butterfly, a gold ring, a pc blue screen, a blue heeler and a blue ringed octopus.

If a male satin bowerbird were to impress a female, what might he use to get her attention? Typically the females are attracted to the colour blue in a variety of forms. Usually drinking straws, pegs, and bottle tops are the order of the day. Some males have been known to collect Lego blocks, ten dollar notes and even car keys (with blue tags).

I decided to have a male go over the top with an odd and extensive collection of blue items ranging from blue cheese to a blue ringed octopus. Of course he would need to be presenting his work with a ‘ta-da’ gesture of his wing while wearing blue in the form of a top-hat and tie. I considered a bow tie, but opted for a standard neck tie.

I had the idea for this last week while drawing the blue screen in the previous cartoon. Knowing what an annoyance the blue screen is, I began to think about whom or what might actually like a blue screen. Bowerbirds sprang to mind (with a very rusty and low tension spring). At first it was just going to be a blue screen on a monitor with a few of the smaller typical items, but then the elaboration began and before long there was a whole computer, balloons, a blue ringed octopus (looking very happy) and a blue heeler (called ‘Blue’) as the larger items and pool balls, poker chips, blue toadstools and blue cheese among the smaller items. What an industrious and resourceful bird. For all his efforts, I had to have a female stop by and express her adoration for his work. No doubt she would have swooned once he began his dazzling courtship dance moves.

I really enjoyed drawing this one, though the process was a bit time consuming. I was able to recycle the blue screen from last week which helped a bit.

Outlining the birds in white really helped to bring them in focus. Before this, the male was blended with the dog behind it and the olive green of the female didn’t go well merging with a brown background. I tried a white outline around her feet too, but it was rather distracting, so I removed it and think it works well the way it is.