A llama rides a giant brahma within a diorama for no apparent reason (apart from creating a brahma-llama diorama).

Initially the illustrated llama was intended to be riding a brahma bull which would be more plausible. It was because of this plausibility that I abandoned that idea and made use of the chicken version instead.

The brahma is quite a large bird and can weigh up to five kilograms. The feathered legs almost gives it the appearance that it’s wearing pants. While this fowl isn’t quite big enough for a llama to ride, I experimented with some growth hormones (for it) and came up with the genetically modified version pictured.

Having grown up with chooks, I’ve always been fond of them. Sadly there were no brahmas to speak of. Nor llamas for that matter, though the latter did make a virtual appearance in several Commodore 64 games that were played on numerous occasions.

I don’t recall the term ‘diorama’ ever being used at school. If there were ever any diorama requirements for school I must have blanked them out as a traumatic experience. I believe my knowledge of dioramas comes solely from watching American television. The use of one in this drawing was partially for the purpose of containing the brahma and llama, but predominantly because its last syllable rhymed.

I enjoyed putting this one together, mainly due to the animal content. Being in pictured diorama form made colouring it much easier because it meant that everything could have a relatively two dimensional look.

The hat and bridle were added to give it a pseudo western feel. In retrospect it would have been nice to have given the rooster cowboy boot spurs.

It was tempting to incorporate other rhyming words into this picture. Having the llama dressed in armour and eating a banana was one consideration, but that would have been just silly.