Somewhere in the middle of a desert, a man refuels his thirsty camel.

Petrol stations are few and far between in the desert. Fortunately, so are camels that run on petrol. If there were service stations specifically for camels in the desert, water would be the fuel of choice and being in a desert, the price of water would be phenomenal.

A thirsty camel couldn’t afford to buy water itself, so would have to rely on its owner / driver / rider to cover the cost involved to facilitate the camel refuel.

The above is a silly drawing I came up with, depicting a camel refuelling in the desert. Instead of water though, it’s drinking Camelmile – a new blend of tea specifically formulated for camels to enhance performance and hence travelling distance.

Realistically (in my imagination), these Camelmile service stations would need to be placed a distance apart such that it doesn’t exceed the distance tavelled by a camel on one tank (belly / hump) full of fuel. Otherwise there would be camels running empty in transit all over the place.

I quite liked how the desert dunes turned out in this. The different shades of orange provided a nice contrast for the foreground characters.