Three camels attend a wine tasting event which results in red wine being distributed generously by each.

Thinking about spitting camels (as everyone does), I wondered how they would go at a wine tasting event where there would be ample liquid and encouragement for the participants to swill and spit. Granted there should be spittoons provided, but even so, I think it’s unlikely that camels would be using them by choice.

I had drawn this one a couple of weeks ago, but for some reason put it aside to work on others. The drawing was still in a scribble stage, so I cleaned it up and added some color. This one is a mixture of black and colored outlines. Colored lines were used to represent the glasses, wine puddles and some of the more subtle lines of the camels.

Initially I was getting carried away with the idea for this and had the camels also playing cards while they were drinking and spitting. There were cards between their toes and poker chips on the table. It was turning into a camel variation of the well known ‘Dogs Playing Poker’ image. The original wine tasting idea was becoming diluted by secondary ideas. I managed to get it back on track.

It has been very windy today which has caused the power to cut out three times. This content is being written in a hurry because there is only limited battery time on the laptop. Hopefully it won’t be as rough as last week’s content. I must apologies for all the typos in that one. I have since read though it, finding and fixing a few obvious errors. No doubt there will be something I’ve missed. Number 58 of the spam comments suggests that my content is rife with spelling errors which the spammer found very bothersome and recommend I should fix it up. Perhaps I should start being less dismissive of spammers’ advice.

Anyway, back to the camels… Their ears and head shapes have gone through a few iterations since the initial drawing. I found that I had given them ears that were too long and pointed. They looked more like the ears of a kangaroo than a camel, and the tops of the heads relative to the eye-levels were too high. Google images has been very helpful with camel images for comparison. I didn’t see any portraying camels drinking and spitting wine (not that I was looking for camels specifically doing this). I did see bears with beer, but that was in an unrelated search.