…Meanwhile, at Camelot, three camels wait for their respective owners in a camelid parking lot. One is in a handicapped parking space.

King Arthur wouldn’t be impressed with my impression of Camelot. What once was a prestigious castle, is now a parking lot for camels.

For some reason, my mind wanders to images of camels in parking spaces whenever I hear Camelot mentioned, so this is something I had thought about drawing for some time and had just never done so until now. In my imagination, it had always been seen from an elevated viewpoint, but when I came to draw it, I decided to use a ground view, possibly because it meant I could get away with drawing less camels.

Being considerate to less able bodied people or indeed camels, I added a handicapped parking space. The camel occupying this space is in a sitting position and the reason for this is left open to interpretation. It could be that the camel itself is disabled and can’t stand or walk, or alternatively, it’s in a low position to make it easier for the loading and unloading of its disabled rider. A third scenario is that both the camel and its rider are disabled. The final possibility is that neither the camel nor its rider are disabled this camel is illegally parked.

The disabled parking space was at first the same size as the other spaces, but I removed a bounding line on the right to make it larger in keeping with actual handicapped spaces.

It was nice to draw some camels again. From memory the last batch of camels were wine tasting, swilling and spitting. That was some time ago. These ones are viewed from behind because it’s forward parking. If it were located in another area or country (to wherever it is drawn now), Camelot would possibly have reverse parking.

In Monty Python and the Holy Grail, King Arthur, when considering going to Camelot said, “On second thought, let’s not go to Camelot. It is a silly place.”. I think it applies to this Camelot also.