A ginger cat, having earlier installed a security door within a cat door, fails to impress his date when he can’t find the key to unlock it, leading to a cat key crisis.

It’s doubtful that cats go on dates, but the one pictured here did so and things ended not so well. The date finished abruptly and in embarrassment when a key to a newly installed security cat door couldn’t be found. A cat door that locks requires a cat key to open it. Perhaps the ginger cat should check his other trousers.

OK, this is not the drawing I had planned for today, so the other one will have to be completed and added at a later date.

For some reason I find myself drawing cats again. I’m also starting to wonder if security doors are secondary obsession, as it wasn’t long ago that I had installed one of those into an illustration, complete with on-board dog.

When Cat Key Crisis was being finalised, I realised I had put the hinge on the wrong side of the door. It was on the inside and a quick amendment was made to produce an external one. Another erroneous feature was the door handle just sitting there, not attached to the frame in any way. I quickly had to add a metal plate to support the handle and attach it to the frame.

Hmm. I probably shouldn’t be divulging such anomalies and instead include them in a Spot the Difference feature at a later date. Speaking of which, I’ve begun to include some interactive Difference Spot games. There are three there at the time of writing this, though I will be going back through the previous ones to make them interactive also. See Difference Spot for more details.