A woman hands over the largest bowling shoes available for hire to some clown bowling down a dark and disturbing alley.

The creepy clowns continue with their unconventional shoes. Are their feet really that big or are they wearing ridiculously large shoes for the fun of it? I find the latter hard to believe because wearing shoes that large couldn’t be fun with all the problems wearing them would cause.

For one thing, it’s not the most practical of things to wear when cramming into a Mini with multiple other clowns. I would have thought that maximising room in the car by wearing smaller shoes would be common sense, but then if you’re cramming yourself and as many of your colleagues as possible into a confined space, common sense departed long ago.

So I got to wondering if, were a clown to go bowling, would he or she be compelled to replace his or her enormous shoes with mandatory bowling shoes of the same size? Would bowling lanes even keep such zany shoes for their clown patrons if they have clown patrons? Surely there have been kids’ parties in the past involving clowns and bowling simultaneously that warranted such a tragic shoe exchange.

I can only speculate (and draw) what such a scene might look like. For reasons inexplicable, I have done so in the cartoon above. I pity the woman having to serve this clown and don’t know why she didn’t run and hide and cringe in the back room when she saw him enter the building.