A guy looks into the mirror in horror to see clowns on a computer behind him.

Aaaargh! Creepy clowns! Is there anything worse? I’m sure there is. Creepy clowns appearing in the mirror reflection for example. But then which would be worse – a reflection of real clowns in the room or a reflection of non-existent clowns? Either way, it’s all nightmare material.

These clowns are particularly off-putting with their mismatched hair and clothes colours. They also have crosses for eyes which are a little reminiscent of the button-eyed people in the movie ‘Coraline’.

Clown, Computer, Mirror FearHaving clowns appearing on computers in the mirror doesn’t make them any more or less scary in my opinion, but if you have an irrational fear of clowns, computers and mirrors, it would be a good time to put on your sequined red shoes, tightly close your eyes, click your heals three times and say to yourself, “There is no place like home…” repeatedly.

Coulrocybercatoptrophobia is the merging of the three phobias below:

  • Coulrophobia – fear of clowns.
  • Cyberphobia – fear of computers.
  • Catoptrophobia – fear of mirrors.

I personally don’t know anyone with these three fears, but given the population of the earth, it’s reasonable to assume that someone somewhere would suffer from all three. If it’s you, quick! Load a different page!