One woman tells her friend of her colour scheme to easily match furniture by painting the room as a colour chart.

Many years ago, there were a set of 216 colours deemed safe for use in browsers because it was probable that they would be displayed without discolouration on computers only capable of displaying 256 colours.

The room in this cartoon was created by using some php code to create a web-safe colour chart. I was wanting a simple colour chart and the web-safe palette was the easiest to generate.

The wall at the back began as the complete set of colours and they have been repeated (mirrored or flipped vertically) for the side walls, floor and ceiling. The back wall is no longer web-safe however, because each colour has been darkened a little to increase the distinction between it and the surrounding surfaces.

At first, I made all the walls by using a screen grab of the generated colour palette and then applying distortion effects to create the perspective. This proved to be a problem because adjacent wall lines weren’t aligning properly, so I ended up creating a grid outline for each surface and filling in each colour manually.

After the room was created, the pre-drawn girls were added in, shaded and given some translucent shadows on the floor surface.

The lines separating the wall colours were black and the outline of the females white, to make them more prominent in their environment. I reversed this by changing the intersecting colour chart lines to white (in keeping with most colour charts) and converting the white outline of the characters to black. I quite like the effect this had. The thicker black outlines is reminiscent of the style used in the animated MTV series “Daria” in the late 90s.

I can’t say what lead to the creation of this drawing and I can’t pinpoint any influential factors. It’s just something that occurred to me that resulted in a drawing.

If anyone is wondering about the outfits the women are wearing, I haven’t released a clothing range yet, but I can tell you that the outfit colours were inspired by existing outfit colours online. They aren’t web-safe colours.

Inadvertently, there is an optical illusion happening on the wall at the back at each of its corners. 3D cubes are quite noticeable.