Having trouble getting to sleep, a woman tries counting sheep. Six adorably woolly sheep flock around her bed, reciting sequential numbers.

A couple of weeks ago I was lying awake in bed, not being able to sleep. It was during this time that I had the idea for this drawing. I envisaged some rather chirpy, woolly sheep at various points around the bedroom proudly proclaiming sequential numbers in their best bleating voices.

I thought it would be nice to subject some poor being to their antics (rather than myself), so a bleary-eyed Karen was added to the drawing.

Unlike the previous few cartoons, I used mainly black outlines for this one. Lately I have been using black lines during the production and then colouring them afterwards, but being a night setting where there isn’t a lot of colour anyway, I was happy with how this one turned out with just black lines. I may revisit it down the track and see how it looks with coloured lines for comparison.

With regards to the counting, I decided to have each sheep counting different things or at least different numbers rather than have them counting in unison. In my imagination, this would be more annoying. I also thought it would be fun to have one counting in Roman Numerals and another in binary, showing off their special sheep counting skills.

I think my favourite is leaning towards being the sheep lying in bed with stiff arms (well, front legs really) over the top of the quilt as a small child might be. I drew it watching the digital clock and reciting the time at a rate of one update per second for optimal irritation.