Some cows in a paddock devise a way to power a flood light by connecting it to an electric fence to allow for some late night reading. The result is an makeshift cow night light with strobe effect and not at all practical.

I have had a bit of experience with electric fences, sadly most of which has been the bad kind. I think the worst misadventure was when I accidentally rode through one on a motorbike and broke it. I then had to repair it by grabbing both pieces of the wire and rejoining them.

It was a stretch to bring the pieces together and by doing so meant that I effectively closed the circuit and was being zapped during the whole process. It would have been nice to have been able to switch off the power source to do this, but I was a long distance away from it and this fix was quicker, albeit quite painful. Fortunately I was wearing rubber gumboots at the time and standing on one leg helped to lessen the pain.

Cow Night LightWhen electric fences have not been damaged by motorbikes, they generally do a good job of keeping cattle in their designated areas. I’m sure cows test fences for weaknesses from time to time, but the chances of them attempting to run appliances from an electric fence are slim to none. Nevertheless, here is a drawing of some doing just that.

I made it span four panels to convey a couple of iterations of an electric fence pulse but later thought that it would work well as an animated GIF. Why, there is one on the right now. It’s not annoying at all.

These strange looking cows also appear to be getting a pupil workout with the continual adjustment from light to dark and vice versa. Perhaps some sunglasses would be well advised.

I realise that that connecting a flood light to an electric fence wouldn’t work as illustrated, but it’s nice to pretend that it would. If you own cows (and an electric fence), don’t ask them to try this at home.