After years of Christmas Eve present deliveries, Santa runs out of gift ideas. A cow in a field becomes an unlikely candidate.

This is just a silly idea I had yesterday while thinking about what to draw. May years ago I had drawn Santa struggling to wrap a Harley Davidson motorbike. I was almost going to reproduce that one here but then thought about what might be more difficult to wrap. For some reason, a cow became the designated victim of a Santa wrapping session.

There are infinitely more difficult things that could be wrapped than a cow, I’m sure. In retrospect I would have made a couple of changes. It would have been more interesting to have had Santa attempting to wrap the cassowary from last week. Cassowaries are undoubtedly less placid than cows and I’m fairly certain they wouldn’t tolerate being gift wrapped. Santa’s outfit would have been ripped to shreds.

I would have also liked to have changed the colour of the wrapping paper. I wanted something that would stand out (and the blue does very well), but it’s stereotypically for boys. Perhaps I could have found something more gender neutral. During the colouring process, I tried greens and reds in keeping with a Christmas colour theme, but there were already too many greens and reds in the rest of the drawing. Maybe an orange or yellow hue would have been better.

I can’t say I’ve ever attempted to gift wrap a cow but I know they can happily stand in the one spot for a generous length of time. A Jersey once stood on my foot (while wearing gumboots*) and it was an effort to convince it to shift its weight. Very painful.

Top Secret Cow

Cows with horns would be particularly difficult to wrap because of the increased paper tearing.

* I must clarify that it was me wearing the gumboots and not the cow. It wasn’t the cow featured in the movie Top Secret (pictured right).