On a beach, in some tropical secret bovine location, several cows soak up the sun while on vacation. Some lay on beach towels. Others swim with flotation devices. They will do this until they come home.

Given that things are often happening until the cows come home, have you ever wondered where the cows are located prior to coming home and what they might be doing while away? No? This is something I’ve thought about from time to time and this cartoon depicts one of the scenarios that comes to mind.

Having been on a dairy farm, I did observe cows coming home on their own accord, oddly enough. They would get into the routine of being milked at the same time of day and many would wander home and more or less queue up at the gates, awaiting the milking process.

They must have internal clocks that let them know the time of day and when they are due to come home for milking. Some however, had internal clocks that failed to work or didn’t have internal clocks at all. These cows would need to be rounded up by dogs and persuaded to come home.

There was invariably a problem when daylight savings began and ended as the cow’s internal clocks never got the memo and they would come home and hour early or late.