Stealthily and patiently, a hidden chameleon rides on the antler of a deer in preparation to devour a crouching butterfly on its host’s tail.

Bambi SketchWhile looking through some drawings online for inspiration, I happened upon a scene from Disney’s Bambi. It shows Bambi looking rather dumbfounded or bewildered at a butterfly sitting on his tail. I know it’s meant to be a sweet and tender moment but I couldn’t help thinking the drawing could do with a chameleon on Bambi’s head, eyeing off the butterfly.

My version in rough format is to the left. I didn’t proceed with it because I decided against adding to an existing drawing and opted for creating my own inspired version instead. The rough here was good practise though.

I’m not saying that what I’ve drawn above is necessarily Bambi all grown up and cynical after learning about the realities of life and loss, but it could be. There is definitely a look of contempt there as the deer lowers its antler toward the butterfly for the chameleon’s benefit.

I don’t know why a chameleon sprang to mind. I just knew that some kind of butterfly predator should be there, on the verge of attack. A second thought was to have a person perched on the antlers, crouching with a butterfly net, but that would just be silly, wouldn’t it? A chameleon makes much more sense because deer antlers are its natural habitat.