Cupid takes it up a notch by donning his camouflage diapers & headband. With newly upgraded compound bow, he’s on a mission to have people fall in love. Prepare to be hunted.

Valentine’s Day is just a few days away, so I thought I’d do a little tribute to Cupid. Over the years he’s been portrayed as a cute little bow and arrow sporting cherub-type being and I thought he could do with an image revamp. Having watched too many action movies and having played too many action video games in my time, I went with a bit of a Rambo look.

Camouflage diapers and headband will no doubt prevent him from being easily spotted when out and about. I’ve also given him a weapon upgrade. Rather than the standard issue bow and arrow, he is now equipped with a high power compound bow. Admittedly the arrows still look rather stereotypical of Cupid, but I had to get a heart in there somewhere so that he would still be identifiable as Cupid and not some generic troubled flying baby out for revenge over the death of one of his family members.

This was a last minute cartoon. Not literally, but by comparison to some of the others. I had the idea week or two ago, but only began drawing it yesterday. There were some good resources online for Cupid, compound bows and camouflage gear, though these were mutually exclusive searches.

I’m wondering if I will receive some feed back from compound bow (or Cupid) officianardos telling me I’ve made a technical error somewhere. There are some advanced bow features omitted, but I think I got the basics in there. A friend has already told me that I didn’t include a trigger release that is common with compound bows. It’s true. I didn’t, but if technicalities were that important I wouldn’t be drawing flying babies, let alone flying babies in camouflage gear with weapons.

It was suggested that I title this one ‘Rambo XXOO’. I really liked the idea, but there would be some copyright problems associated with that.

Happy Valentine’s Day for Friday.