While driving a car, an excited cow calls the home farm to report successfully getting a new job, allowing her to be dairy-free.

Food allergies and intolerances seem to be on the increase these days. Whether they are necessity, or just a trend for some people is open to speculation. It used to be that the main alternative to whole milk was soy which is usually either liked or loathed. I choose the latter, but have recently found a lactose free milk that to me, tastes every bit as good as regular full cream milk.

Being dairy-free would mean something entirely different to cows. It would mean being away from the dairy and not having to be milked, which lead me to this cartoon.

For any cow on a dairy farm, being miked twice a day for most of the year would take its toll. I’m sure most cows would like a change of scenery or even career. The one pictured above has driven her (grass) green car to an interview, wearing her best purple business suit and cowbell. In the first draft, there was no cowbell. Then I decided it could use more cowbell.

I did this one as a split panel to show two scenes (both sides of the phone conversation) simultaneously and also to give a sense of contrast between allegedly gloomy dairy life and seemingly bright and sunny life ‘on the outside’.