The Grim Reaper gets a new calculator called the Death Adder 5000. It has several functions but is predominantly used for reap counting. It consists of an array of ‘One’ buttons, an ‘Addition’ button and a ‘Reap’ button.

No doubt the Grim Reaper is a very busy being. It must be difficult to keep track of all those numbers that keep accumulating day in, day out. The Death Adder 5000 is designed to take care of that. With its slim design and plethora of ‘One’ buttons, it’s not easy to get it wrong. If a ‘One’ button is aimed for and missed, chances are an adjacent ‘One’ will be pressed.

The extra large ‘Plus’ and ‘Reap’ buttons are also difficult to miss and should make the reaping process and the associated reaping addition calculations more manageable.

This idea was the product of a virtual trek through the animal kingdom, too much caffeine and not enough sleep. For some reason I ended up focussing on the Death Adder snake. We have a multitude of poisonous snakes here in Australia and the aptly named Death Adder is one of them. Next I began thinking about products that could possibly be associated with this reptile or bear its likeness in logo / icon form. The name Death Adder lends itself nicely to an imaginary cosmic calculator and the only person or being that I could determine warranting such a calculator was the Grim Reaper. The ‘5000’ has no real significance, other than sounding like a large number.

Death Adder

A larger version of the Death Adder as it appears on the calculator has been included because it’s not easy to see, being so small. The red eyes and tongue are purely for dramatic effect.

I would like to thank James Rickard for his assistance with keypad design and layout. I always planned to have a scythe icon as a Reap button but it became the size it is with James’ suggestion. The large Plus button, array of One buttons and the smaller function buttons also owe their current appearance to James.

This calculator is solar powered, but I don’t like its chances of seeing sunlight.