A scuba diver realises he is in serious trouble when skeletal remains are found while diving for sunken treasure. Hungry sharks bearing knives and forks approach in the background.

It would seem these sharks have figured out that hanging out near items of human interest will lead to regular meals of the human kind.

This is a new cartoon (to make up for my Easter lapse) complete with sunken treasure, skeletal remains and unabated peril. It just needs a pirate or two with swords and it would be a veritable swashbuckling scene.

Ok, so knives and forks are probably a little overkill for sharks as they seem to manage just fine without them, but I thought it would be interesting, and somewhat amusing, to have some swimming around with utensils. I can’t imagine that sharks with knives and forks would be more dangerous than those without. Conversely, I surmise that sharks holding chopsticks would be of little or no threat if they are not of Asian origin.

Bibs would be redundant for sharks for two reasons that I can see:

  • Assuming sharks don’t sit down to eat, they therefore have no laps or other lower surface areas on which to spill food.
  • During a feeding frenzy, flesh and blood would be spread in all direction by the water and more than likely, a shark will be covered in blood from head to tail in the process. It is not likely that a bib will prevent this.

In conclusion, knives, forks, bibs and chopsticks are probably not practical for sharks. Any found attempting to use these items should be referred to this page for appropriate dissuasion.