A man waits nervously while a woman reads the card he left on her side of the island. After several days, he came to regret having signed the card as a secret admirer.

Another day, another desert island cartoon. Well, maybe less frequent than that. This is something silly I thought of for no apparent reason, but it amused me at the time of drawing, namely because of the absurdity of a desert island secret admirer  within a population of two.

Then there is the added stupidity of one person not knowing the anonymous sender of the gift / card. Then again, perhaps it’s not stupidity at all and they are choosing non-recognition over unwanted attention.

There is invariably a palm tree on each island I’ve drawn and I feel it would be breaking tradition not to include at least one. In fact it would be more like breaking a cartoon desert island cliché not to include one.

Desert Island Gift ShopGift cards are usually less common on desert islands than palm trees. I can only imagine this card was acquired from an out-of-frame vending machine (as per the recent bottled messages). I’m tipping though, that there is an adjacent deserted island or some attached offshore structure complete with a gift shop selling postcards, gift cards and other tourist memorabilia, much like the image to the left.

At the time of writing, I haven’t coloured this drawing yet, but when I do, I would like to make it a night scene, perhaps with a full moon rising over the horizon because that would be more romantic than a day scene.