A red balloon attached to the forearm of a Tyrannosaurus rex is the cause of much ridicule among his peers (and prey). Out of Trevor’s line of sight, the existence of the dinosaur balloon remains undetected.

This drawing went through a few iterations before the above version was decided upon.

The earlier versions involved a caveman painting on the wall. It was an allegedly amazing idea until completion proved otherwise. A few tweaks later and the above occurred. Well, not literally. A Tyrannosaurus named Trevor didn’t show up sporting a balloon to pose for a portrait, much to my disappointment.

Tyrannosaurs aren’t well known for their balloon carrying abilities, though given their small forearms and big heads, it’s surprising that they weren’t caught holding balloons or other items they were unaware of, such as yo-yos, buckets, umbrellas, handbags, etc. It’s not clear how these items would end up on-board a Tyrannosaurus. They may be remnants of a quest for prey, running through bushes, beaches and suburban areas.

Hopefully I’ve made Trevor sufficiently fierce in appearance to contrast his little red balloon.

The name Trevor happened to be the first male name I thought of beginning with ‘T’. He could just as well be called Troy, Tyler or Terry, Oh, maybe Tarquin would have been a more appropriate name.