A prehistoric disagreement escalates into a full-blown dinosaur slap fight between two Tyrannosaurus rex.

When I think of one Tyrannosaurus rex fighting another, I imagine there to be lots of gore with teeth ripping out chunks of flesh accompanied by blood and guts all over the place. But what if it wasn’t like this at all? What if they had an attempted slap fight with their tiny arms and couldn’t even get close enough to make contact because their immense heads were in the way?

Little arms and claws would be waving furiously in an attempt to scratch one another and cause injury, while heads would be averted and eyes clenched shut to prevent damage. These attack and defence mechanisms would be totally unnecessary anyway because the minute appendages couldn’t reach anything anyway. It would be highly unlikely that a Tyrannosaurus rex would lose an eye courtesy of the front claws of its rival.

I would like to have a go at animating this cartoon. The majority would be static, but it would be kind of fun just to see the arms and digits move around without the need for simulated motion lines.

I can’t be sure how I arrived at the idea of a dinosaur slap fight. A slap fight can be amusing to watch between two people, so how more amusing between two Tyrannosaurus rex with minuscule fore-limbs that have difficulty reaching anything.

This is still basically a line drawing. I will add a lick of digital paint to help give the beasts a little more life.