A Tyrannosaurus rex hits itself in the jaw with a tennis racquet while trying to serve a ball. Regardless of who its opponent might be, the score is ‘Disadvantage T. rex’.

The Australian Open is in its second week in Melbourne. There is lots of tennis to watch and his year, with each match streamed to the net live, it’s more enjoyable than having to watch the restrictive partial and interrupted matches that the free to air television coverage provides.

A while back I drew a Tyrannosaurus rex trying and failing to knock down pins with a bowling ball. Thinking about other activities (and sports in particular) that a T. Rex could participate in, and bearing in mind it’s tennis season, I thought it fitting that a game of tennis should be attempted by the prehistoric reptile.

Given the tiny arms of the Tyrannosaurus rex, they would be ideal for not providing the reach required to serve a tennis ball. I imagine that its rather large head would continually get in the way, resulting in a racquet to the jaw with each serve.

The Tyrannosaurus rex would be at a distinct disadvantage when playing tennis, well, when doing anything really, apart from ripping its prey to pieces with its massive jaws and numerous sharp teeth.

If a tennis player steps over the baseline or the other side of the centre mark before the ball is hit, the serve is called as a foot fault. I think the T. Rex’s main concern is its tiny arm fault.

Happy Australia Day.