Two dogs make a deal and shake paws in a yard at night time. A black cat approaches along a fence in the background, unaware of the imminent danger it faces.

If dogs were to make deals with one another, I imagine they would be over scheduled bone chewing times, barking at postman arrangements or, as illustrated above, who will chase the cat.

Obviously, dogs can’t toss coins to decide so they would no doubt assign outcomes to everyday occurrences. In this case, the outcome is decided by the cat’s inclination to turn left or go straight ahead at the fence intersection.

Black Cat

Little does the cat know that its chosen path along the fence will determine the dog that will be its designated chaser on this lovely moonlit evening.

I enjoyed drawing and colouring this one. The cat was particularly enjoyable to draw, with its black colour, grey highlights and near white outline. It appears blissfully unaware of its surroundings as it goes along its merry way.

I tried doing this cartoon a little differently. Usually I will have an idea of the drawing and caption before I begin. This time around, I just drew a scene and thought about a caption later on. At first it was just two dogs sitting in the yard, facing one another as a cat approached in the background. I didn’t know what they would be doing or how the cat would be associated with the dogs.

Black Cat
It was later that I decided the dogs would be making a decision about who would be chasing the cat. I then moved the dogs a little closer together and had them shake paws to seal the deal.

The jury is still out as to whether this approach had any benefits or not, but it was interesting to try doing it this way.