A dog is found on the Internet by its owner, barking at cat sites and taunting cats in a chatroom.

I recently saw an advertisement and heard someone say in reference to their pet, “We found him on the Internet.”. Before even considering the possibility that they may have acquired said pet from the Internet, I immediately had visions of the animal clicking away on a mouse behind a monitor and its owner walking in to find it doing so. Hence this cartoon.

I’ve tried to make the dog look sad / forlorn with big black eyes, raised eyebrows and head lowered in the shame of having been caught using the Internet without permission and for the purposes of provoking cats and chasing virtual cars.

The woman on the right has become a bit of an optical illusion. In the non-cropped version, her neck, chin, shoulder and other leg are visible and it’s clear that she is facing toward the other woman with whom she is speaking. Now that it’s cropped, it sometimes looks like she is standing side on (profile). Maybe I could have coloured it so that her direction was more evident. Either way though, it still works and it’s not crucial to the point of the cartoon anyway. I just found it interesting how things become more ambiguous with less information.

The woman on the left is supposedly pointing to the dog. If cartoon characters can see speech bubbles in cartoons, she could alternatively be pointing to the second woman’s speech bubble, complaining that she can’t see the dog because the bubble is in the way.