A bread truck is accosted by an increasing number of hungry ducks, geese and swans as it travels to its destination. Geese, swans and ducks on trucks.

Recently I went for a walk by a river with a friend. When we arrived, parked the car and got out, we were confronted by two very cute, vocal and inquisitive ducks checking to see if we had any bread for them. I’m sure if they had access to balaclavas and weapons, we would have been mugged.

Even more hostile and volatile are geese. Though I didn’t encounter any on this day, I have done in the past, and having bread available for them at the time only seemed to make their interrogation more intense. They are large birds compared to ducks and have little bills of fury.

This event got me wondering about the lengths ducks (and other bread-loving water birds) might go to in order to procure a flour and wheat treat. I devised a ducks on trucks scenario, whereby ducks geese and swans carry out and assault on a bread truck as shown in the illustration. Most of their feet aren’t visible as it turns out. This isn’t because I’m adverse to drawing bird feet, but more of case of just the way it happened based on their position relative to the view of the truck. It did however, save a bit of time in the drawing and colouring process.

There was no set colour scheme for these birds. I just chose random varieties and coloured them accordingly, trying to have no two with the same colours. Yes there are two white / grey birds there, but one is duck and the other is a goose, so I don’t think that counts.

The darker goose, behind the white one, became lost in the darkness of the swan behind it. Giving it a white outline really helped it to stand out.

Most colourful is the mallard coming in for a landing. I haven’t done it justice here. In reality the male mallard has a shiny green head and shiny blue lower wing feathers.

Least exquisite is the rubber duck on the left. It was recycled from a previous cartoon to assist in the ducks on trucks population. Yes, I referred to the truck as plural. Although there is only one truck pictured here, there is actually a convoy of bread trucks (and hence ducks, swans and geese) but they can’t be seen from this view. Much like the majority of the birds’ feet can’t be seen.