Eight milk (and yet French) maids form a misshapen pyramid (cheerleader-style) on top of a worried looking cow, in what looks to be an advertisement for dairy products.

Having grown up on a dairy farm, I don’t recall anything even remotely similar to this cartoon happening at any point. The milking shed ceiling was too low for that. Although, my sister used to feed the dogs with a plastic bucket of soppy scraps that she would swing in a vertical circular motion, losing minimal contents. This is perhaps where the idea for the action of the top right-most girl came from.

The misshapen pyramid in the cartoon is due to a self-imposed height restriction (not that a perfect pyramid can be formed from eight people). In the concept and rough for this, I had everyone standing up, so there was an extra height of one person and it just extended too far upwards, forcing a reduction in size to make it fit and a loss in detail as a result. I chose to have the blonde girl sit down to remedy this problem.

The French maid outfits were selected because they are probably the most recognisable maid type. The decision to have them performing as stereotypical cheerleaders (excluding the cow), is because I wanted to have them doing something ridiculously over the top and unexpected of maids. Also, the outfits look a bit cheerleaderish.

I’m not sure why the daring feat is occurring on top of a cow. Perhaps to make it that much more daring.

Dairy products were chosen to convey an alternative idea for “milking” – to have and to hold (and devour) milk products. It’s a bit difficult to tell from the screen image, but the girl holding the glass of milk has a milk moustache. I’m sure it can be easily seen on a larger print at Redbubble ;)

Dairy Christmas.

No cows (or maids) were injured during the making of this cartoon.