Considerations for this cartoon included chefs / cooks, piping icing onto a cake and plumbers bearing wrenches, working on pipes. I wanted to be able to draw a collection of eleven characters, but have them do their own things while still being tied together by a ‘piping’ theme. Cake decoration and plumbing felt a bit restrictive (as did the original common version with people playing flutes).

After pondering eleven pipers piping for a bit, I happened upon the idea that the eleven characters could be smoking pipes, thus allowing them to do other things simultaneously. I guess my interpretation of piping is ‘to smoke a pipe’.

The next problem was that having small kids, babies, animals, etc. smoking was rather inappropriate, so I had to figure out what the tobacco replacement would be. My solution (no pun intended) was soap / dish-washing liquid. They could all be using the pipes to blow bubbles.

I’m not sure why the characters are doing the things they’re doing. It’s pretty much just park scene of random people and animals blowing bubbles.

This drawing took a bit of time to create and colour. I’m glad there are only twelve days of Christmas.