Some frantic peas make a hasty dash to their escape pod to avoid explosive annihilation.

When peas are out exploring their environment, they rely on having a means of escape should something go wrong. In the event of an unscheduled apocalypse, they could all make a bee-line back to one or more escape pods for a safe getaway. This however, is dependent on the number of peas required to make an escape and the number of pods available.

Unfortunately for fleeing peas, pods vary in size and capacity so it would be a rather unordered process. They would need to jump in one by one until each pod is filled.

Recently I was making some toast and noticed a lone coffee pod (used in a coffee machine) on the bench and wondered how it had got out of the box in which the coffee pods reside. I surmised that it must have been an escape pod. This lead to flash backs of science fiction movies scenes with people escaping from self-destructing structures while a background voice counts down their remaining time.

I started thinking about a drawing possibility for this and considered other potential pod occupants. Peas were the obvious conclusion. I later work-shopped the idea a little with a friend and settled for peas dashing back to their escape pod for survival.

This one turned out a little gloomy with the impending doom and all, but my defense is they are peas. Even if they manage an escape here, they are destined to be served up on a dinner plate with lamb and mint sauce.