An energy salesperson drops in on stranded and dishevelled castaway via jetpack and launches into an energy sales pitch.

Energy sales employees are usually easy to spot at the front door. They often have a tell-tale clipboard and launch into a spiel before you get a chance to say anything. They also have a low tolerance for the word ‘no’. OK, this is describing a wide variety of sales people, but the energy species will insist that you show them your most recent energy bill so that they can tell you money can be saved by switching to the provider they recommend.

These devoted and persistent people are the inspiration for this week’s drawing. I imagine they could manage to find anyone anywhere and attempt to sign them up to an alternative energy supplier whether it was beneficial or not.

While drawing this, I was trying to decide the quickest and easiest way for the energy sales person to arrive at a remote island. They also needed to use a mode of transport that wouldn’t readily allow for a rescue to take place, such a boat. A jetpack seemed the ideal choice. The jet propelled visitor could just drop in, deploy a verbal advertisement and then fly off into the blue yonder.

Off on a slight tangent now, I friend just glanced at this drawing and said, “I haven’t seen that for ages.”. It turns out that he was referring to Johnny Castaway. I must have been subconsciously channelling him as I had totally forgotten about Johhny. For anyone who hasn’t seen or heard of Johnny Castaway, he/it was an animated screensaver made in 1993 by Sierra. Random scenes would be played where strange and amusing things would occur on the tiny island inhabited by Johnny. See Johnny Castaway for more information.