A panic-stricken worm sits on a hook surrounded by hundreds of hungry fish about to partake in a feeding frenzy.

Many years ago, I had a project that required a plethora of fish. They were all hand drawn and took a considerable amount of time to produce. Though they were only line-art fish, there was a little cross-hatch shading for each.



A short while after they were all done, the source files went missing and I ended up with only low-resolution versions. I had written these files off, thinking I would never see them again, but recently, while looking for some other information backed up on CD (yes, that long ago but at least they weren’t on floppy), I came across the original files and knew I had to put them to good use.

Fish Feeding Frenzy (Full)


My computer struggled to process so many fish (roughly 200 I believe) in one image and I actually had to work on half at a time and then merge them once flattened.

I gave each fish a little colour and introduced them to a very nervous worm on a hook.

The featured image is an enlarged cropped section of the complete image. I added this because when the full image is reduced, a lot of the detail is lost. I’ve included the full version here at screen resolution, but the high resolution version is available on Redbubble.


I’ve also made some small animations of the individual fish. There are ten groups of twenty and a swimming angelfish included. Ok, this page is getting rather busy.