One fish two fish, goldfish, green fish. Some selfish fool has added blue food dye to the fish bowl, turning a once gold goldfish green.

Thinking about “fool’s gold” recently for no apparent reason (doesn’t everyone?), I found myself speculating what a fool’s goldfish might look like. If a fool were to have gold, it’s even more probable that they would have a goldfish, since goldfish are more common than gold.

There were several different scenarios that played out in my head, but this was the least harsh on my poor imaginary goldfish so I went with it for illustrative purposes.

Fool's GoldfishI owned a couple of fish many years ago. One was a goldfish and the other, a black moor. Neither was green at any point. They were very soothing to watch. I can understand why some hospitals feature large fish tanks in their waiting rooms and why fish tank screensavers are so popular.

There was even a community television station in Melbourne that used to have a show called Fish TV. While nothing else was screening, they would just film and broadcast a large tank full of fish. I’m not sure how many episodes were made or how many seasons it ran for. The plot was always much the same, so I didn’t bother recording any shows, but now I wish I did for something relaxing / soothing to watch. The extra benefit with virtual fish on TV or a computer monitor is that no tank cleaning or fish feeding is necessary.

There’s a saying that music calms the savage beast, but I believe fish do also. Musical fish? Even better, so long as they aren’t unnaturally green.