This cartoon has a couple of meanings that may not be apparent to everyone upon first viewing, so I had better expand on what is going on.

The fourth day of Christmas, according to the carol, consists of four calling birds. Originally, by the way, it was apparently four colly birds, which were more or less blackbirds, but the words got changed over time. In my interpretation, I decided to go with four calling birds of varying types.

The first consideration was what should be meant by calling. Many online cartoons depicted birds talking on land-line phones or mobile phones. Some were even hanging around phone booths. One even had some girls talking on mobile phones. I thought about having four different birds, each with a vocation that involved calling, such as an auctioneer, horse race commentator, a bingo caller, etc. Alternatively they could just be yelling out random things using megaphones. Eventually my mind went a bit lateral and interpreted four calling as four-calling (calling ‘four’).

Next I thought about the actual number four calling out things, but that was getting a bit silly and thankfully I had a revelation that golfers call out ‘fore’ which, happily enough, is a homophone of four. The result is the cartoon shown here. My choice of birds is not really significant, but mainly Australian. In retrospect, I probably should have included an eagle and an albatross as these would have been more appropriate for the golfing theme.

I enjoyed drawing the rooster most of all. A friend suggested he had a Happy Gilmore golf swing. Perhaps I should have given him a hockey stick instead of a golf club.